How private / secure is garuda and garuda services?

Might be a silly question but with other linux distros not being hte best about privacy and security ( ubuntu ) I don't really want to bother with garuda until I know and I figured I'd just come here and ask.

It seems like asking the creators of a distro this question is going to yield a predictable result. :thinking:

As for you questions, privacy and security are not really the same thing. Without understanding your priorities and risks factors, it is hard to provide a well-reasoned answer. Ultimately, the system will be as secure as you make it.

As a side note, while Canonical/Ubuntu certainly has a poor history as it relates to privacy, I am not sure I would call it insecure.


By default, Garuda sets up one user with full sudo privilleges, so that's one thing that anyone who knows anything about security should harden first on a new system. Other than that, there are not too many differences in configuration between distros, so it's as secure as running Arch.

Of course with Garuda you are running a "third party" repo (from an Arch perspective) - chaotic-aur; it is assumed that if you choose this distro you put some degree of trust in the developers. In addition, all the sources are available to audit either in AUR or in the garuda gitlab repo.

As for privacy, there is no collection of telemetry added by the distro's developers. In fact, special effort was made to remove telemetry in existing software e.g. shipping Firedragon/Librewolf, offering builds of VSCodium, Ungoogled Chromium, etc.

Your privacy in regards to Garuda is only determined by Discourse's privacy policy, and how you choose to use this platform.


I'd call it too corporate so both privacy and security are very low priority to them.

On the contrary, the fact that Ubuntu targets the corporate market means that producing a secure OS is critical to retaining their revenue stream.


Hi there, welcome to the community.

Garuda Linux is privacy respecting, which is also demonstrated by default browser, Firedragon.

You can assume that Garuda is as much secure and privacy respecting as vanilla Arch Linux in general.

We don't collect any kind of data, and we don't make any kind of direct income through this project. Though Donations are accepted to bear the costs like server, domain etc, as already mentioned on website.

Also, you should prevent mentioning a specific distro and its concerns openly on forums of our/other distros forums.


As private / secure as you make it.


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