How often is the ISO updated


Looking to install onto my main system in the near future and was wondering how often the ISO was updated?
By that I mean would the one that I download in say 2 weeks time be the same as the one I downloaded 2 weeks ago, or would it have 4 weeks worth of adjustments made to it?

Just wondering if it is worth creating a new bootable drive before I install fully?


It,s a rolling release , it,s updated every time you update? :smile:
So which ever iso you download as soon as you update you are on the latest :smile:

Btw just install and try even if it is with the live usb :smile:


From what I have seen, the ISO is usually updated in March-April and October-November. But as mentioned, this is a rolling release, the ISOs are there for new installations, so the updates are not so huge. Do not sweat the ISO updates, just install the current one and enjoy (and don’t forget to update often).

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The iso builds on the Garuda homepage correspond to the release date of the major release “Bird of Pray” of April 28, 2024.

You can find current iso builds of garuda-dr460nized here:


I know it’s a rolling release.
As an example, IF say there was a problem with part of my system and the home page version of Garuda that was then fixed a week later, I could have problems.

And as I said I am already trying it out on my laptop

Yes I know its a rolling release and I have already updated my test setup

Thank you, That is perfect :slightly_smiling_face:

Is the gaming version on there?

The garuda-dr460nized-gaming.iso is not updated daily.
You can simply download and install the latest garuda-dr460nized.iso. In the Application Launcher (start menu) you will find the “Garuda Gamer” application, which you can use to install everything that is included in the gaming edition.

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yes I’ve seen that but wasn’t certain that included everything that the gaming version had, although thinking about it that would be daft if it didn’t.

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