How install nvidia drivers?

general question:
How use non-free driver nvidia, in wayfire garuda linux ? (Not new drivers, i can MAX 470 version nvidia-drivers)

i have video-card:
Nvidia GTX 650
that card work with free drivers, but, performance FREE drivers too bad! : (
when i used that commands:
sudo pacman -S nvidia-470xxx - that succesfull installed that... - PSS. its short comman, i correct used command to install nvidia driver!

BUT..... When i restart OS, freezed LOADING screen..
i think, 470xxx bad work in GARUDA? why ubuntu can used non-free 470, garuda give me LOADIN screen evry time, when i want install 470 driver OR 490 (my card OFFICIAL support 470 only, garuda updater not check copability with my card =-=)
but! 470 - LATEST work drivers for GTX 650 1gb !
in ubuntu wayland work with NON-free driver, 470

maybe, i can used non free driver in garuda wayfire edition?
i love WAYFIRE, but ; (
wayfire only ON wayland : (((
KDE - not love, kde so bad work (tested)
and... i not know how install in KDE wayfire theme ((
help : (

sudo pacman -S nvidia-470xx-dkms nvidia-470xx-settings

Reboot. Done.

As far as I know, there is no package nvidia-470xx. If nvidia-470xx-dkms failed to build then there's a different issue (e.g. you don't have base-devel installed, or you ran a partial update).


I have tried several options

  1. installed with a free driver, and did NOT update the system, immediately went to install the driver
  2. the option is the same, but with the installation of all updates

And I always get stuck loading screen (endlessly)
Well, the loading screen, loading is in progress (the bar is moving)
Then the strip reaches the end, and everything is frozen and does not hang down (the screen does not go out, the loading screen is still the same)
And besides, two reinstallations of the system, and the result does not change

Do this again, but update the system and check it still works.

If things still work then run the command I posted here:

and enable DRM modesetting as per