How install non-AUR app

Request info about how can install an application that there isn't in Octopi and AUR. The application is Transitions DJ:

This is a snap application.
You can find the instructions to handled them below, but please be aware that snaps are not supported officially here.


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Done. Thanks

I successful installed transitionsdj from snap

First I installed: snapd from AUR
Then: sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.socket
Then: sudo ln -s /var/lib/snapd/snap /snap

Then restart PC

Then: sudo snap install core hello-world
Then: snap install transitionsdj

Then: snap install snap-store, to have a GUI for all apps


After restarting PC I first tried with: snap install hello-world
but get error: too early for operation, device not yet seeded or device model not acknowledged
Then adding "core" to "sudo snap install hello-world" worked

In alternative can be installed ''bauh'' found in Garuda Welcome-)Setup Asistant-)Software centers, that can manage Arch, AUR, Snap and Flatpak together

Just FYI, you should be using the terminal to update your systems software. The recommended method is to use the following terminal command:


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