How install driver rtl8192eu for ARCH? [Artix]

I don’t have the ability to connect a network in Linux, so can you write what I should do to install drivers for a usb modem without a network?
what to download, what packages exactly, what to execute in the terminal?

I will give a couple of screenshots, and a link, can you help with this?
I kind of did everything “correctly” but for some reason it still can not be installed!

This is the distribution with which the problems happened
here I was recommended to “rename” the folder, it seems to me, “these are not competent people” -_-
can you help solve this problem?
at least, just to assume that “can help?”

install RTL8192eu driver, without internet for wifi network

in your distribution, it is enough to install 1 package, DKMS
and that’s it, no problem

Sorry, but It's not garuda OS

You should go to arch forum or take the help of arch wiki :slightly_smiling_face:

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why no one wants to help me? (((((9999999999

it's arch too!
it's not debian or slackware
"what kind of racism? in the form of distributions?" (
arch, is there an arch? what will work for one, in theory, should work on another of the same arch?

I wanted to try to write to the arch forum, but it's not at all clear how to register
it’s very difficult for them to “think up” there, I don’t understand ((((
therefore it remains to write to all other arch-like distros

where else can I get help? ((
google search turns up nothing
no useful info, from my ERROR-code message

The accusation of racism in a technology forum is quite inappropriate, don't you think?

Search in arch forum about Garuda, and you will read that Garuda is not Arch.


arch-based. no?

I apologize, if you get it in wrong way :cry:
but I was just following the rules, that this forum is for Garuda linux
if I would have installed arch then you may have found me on arch forums
( I am just a user of this forum thought that you didn't knew about this thing )

Again I apologize .... :slightly_frowning_face:


You need to ask on the artixlinux forum


sorry Garuda team for saying this as I know its off topic, but its this persons lucky day, you'll have to download from aur and arch repo's for this: git (from arch), 8192eu (from AUR) then install as the cli.

This adapter rarely works properly in Linux.

Sorry for your luck.

errrr...sorry to burst you're bubble, but at the very first search using "install driver on wi-fi on arch from aur" the one right at the top of the list is about installing an 8192eu. Good luck. 767, you'll be doing a lot of cli stuff with artix (I do use it on another machine), so might be an idea to stick with something easier/more complete to start with for now (like garuda) until your become more familiar with building packages at the command line (you'd have to do that with artix even to use "yay" in the first place!).

If you really insist on using this adapter then do as below.





Then disable MAC address randomization, and reboot both your computer and router.

Personally I'd save yourself all the baggage this adapter comes with and buy a Wifi adapter with good Linux kernel support.


i see this has been posted in the Artix forum yesterday at 10:26, before it turned up in Garuda, so maybe just close it imo. install RTL8192eu driver, without internet for wifi network

Yes, I agree.

The user would be best to replace this adapter IMO.

Regardless, the user has not met the expectations of our forum. Cross posting on multiple Linux forums is frowned upon. In addition the OP is not a Garuda user, and did not post an inxi output.

Adios amigo.