How I set up KDE6 Garuda

KDE 6 is out an you may be wanting to theme garuda a bit but still keep that garuda feel. Here’s how you get started with that.
These are just some light tweaks but if you have never messed with kde theming in KDE6 this might give you ideas.

~Note - Currently there’s not a lot of theming items made for kde 6 yet. That will change over time and I’ll update the video at a later date. (mainly widgets)

I will be adding how to make the desktop more mac like with tame colors to this post at a later date as well.


The under-the-hood changes make me wanna try it out, but last time I tried installing KDE it messed up a lot of my GNOME desktop. From looking around, I think I need to create a separate user if I want to try it?

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You would really want a separate install on a different partition. When you install one desktop environment over another, they share files at the root level. So one can always mess up the other. when it comes to theming. You can always play around on the live ISO though

I think I’ll stick to GNOME then. Simple, but powerful with extensions!

(but I did enjoy the theme video you posted)

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Oh, definitely if you like your desktop environment, definitely keep it. If you ever also want to test, you can set it up with a KVM or virtual machine with like KDE neon.
That’s how I test gnome from time to time

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The “How I made Garuda more Mac like” is here check it out if you want to go for that mac feel.
*Also tried odysee but there will be a YT version too if needed.

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