How I roll back to previous kernel?

I want to roll back to first kernel that I got when I installed garuda Linux because when I update my pc I can't connect my phone hotspot ( I have also arised question why this happens and conculsion was to wait for kernel fix and roll back to previous kernel using snapshot
) but I have not snapshot of first kernel I think that is Linux zen 5.12.1
so I want to go back to that kernel how can I

"Can I roll back to previous kernel"
Yes, but not without snapshot.

All in all time to start reading what arch linux is and how it works.
Teaching someone how to use, customise, and script Linux from first principles is a little outside the scope of a web forum and the volunteers.



Ok I will read in arch wiki but I want to tell you that I have checked my phone properly other phone can connect to my phone hotspot but only pc is not connecting

Everyone is having problems with the 5.12 kernel. I've been seeing a lot of threads all over about problems. Reddit, here and other Arch distros.

I know zen is a performance kernel, you may consider (for now at least) trying out the lts kernel to see if the issue is resolved. And then check back with zen in a couple days of it does.

If it's a kernel issue, there is no fix except:

A different kernel.

Another update.

Become a kernel dev and fix it yourself.


Also keep in mind that if you are using a DKMS driver you will need to make sure it rebuilt, is compatible with the kernel you're running, and that you have tried removing and re-adding the wifi access point connection from within Network Manager.


Rolling back a kernel is not supported.
Try changing/adding another kernel (linux-lts is a good choice), using Garuda Settings Manager => Kernels.
Then, on next boot, select the new kernel from grub menu.


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