How i can succesfull upgrade arch to TESTING updates?

I want to get the latest software, donated "stability", how can I do it?
what do I need to enter into the terminal, or what config files do I need to change, and what should I write there?
I had experience with debian, it was just enough to edit the source list, adding "seed" to the repositories already written there
how is it to follow the garuda?

i know, if i can change to "Unstable", my system can break! but! i want! help me?

whatever, just give me instructions on "how to do it"
I want the very latest software
Seriously, I don't care that Linux can break !

Please read Official repositories - ArchWiki


Judging from your post history you really shouldn't be running testing.


Why can't I reply to the previous topic?
I have to create another thread -_-
I just want to update so please help me with this(((((

  • yes, you may be right that "I shouldn't" test
    but, I successfully used debian UNSTABLE / Sid
    and now, i wish use garuda arch-based / unstable-testing

from the official instructions, nothing came out on the arch wiki
I just didn't understand how to do it
can you give detailed instructions?
well, or throw ready-made config files?

If you can't use the information on the Arch wiki that was already provided then (as already said) you really don't want to be using the testing repos.



Post your terminal/konsole in- and output as text (no pictures) from:


Without it, you will not receive any help from the Garuda team or your topic is likely to be closed without notice.

Before you open a new help request, read relevant sections of the Arch and Garuda wiki.
Thoroughly search your issue and any error messages in the forum and on the web.

Report everything you have already attempted to solve your problem.


Edit your pacman.conf sources. Unremark all the testing repositories. Reboot. Update from the terminal ("sudo pacman -Syyu"). Reboot.

The world is now your oyster. You break it--you fix it.

And have fun! :smiley:

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