How I can pick only specific packages from chaotic-aur

Hi, I would like to disable chaotic-aur since I prefer to build packages on my machine, but I will lose most of Garuda support packages (and kernels, which are painful to build locally), how I can do that without adding every package I install from chaotic-aur in /etc/pacman.conf?

I'd imagine the best way would be to replace/install the packages you want from the AUR in the manual way. That is, no yay or paru involved.

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Try AUR3 repo and git clone

Locate the package in the AUR. This is done using the search field at the top of the AUR home page

How about this arch wiki list for aur & prebuild package of chaotic aur(not all package)

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There's actually a command template exactly for this. You might look at the instructions on the Chaotic-Aur website. Page 2, IIRC. :smiley:



Thanks, this is the nearest answer to what i want, so i'll respond here.
If I understood correctly, I think you missed what I want to do, I want to install by default from the AUR, but I want to have specific packages installed from the chaotic-aur repo (such as the Garuda ones).

Then use yay or another helper and Search on the package names you want, then select the right one for your purposes.

Inputting yay google-chrome

Yields both the stable, beta, and development versions from both AUR and Chaotic-AUR. Select the one you want and install it.



Is there an automated way to do it?

WTF? Wasn't that frigging easy enough? :frowning:

Write a script.


The automated way would be to use the repo as intended. I wonder, what is your reason wanting to remove it in the first place? :eyes:


Optimization, I used to do first paru -Sua and then paru -Syu to build everything myself.

Ah, so I guessed wrong, you don't want to "build everything myself" literally, you want everything built locally. You would love Gentoo.

You can do as @c00ter suggested for installation. Once the package is installed, paru -Sua will work as it did for you before, downloading the source code from the repository and compiling then packaging it.


To be honest, I don't really find it worth going through this just to get a little more performance. Even if you compiled everything yourself, what about the packages coming from Arch repos?
Recently I revisited Gentoo to get a taste of having everything compiled for march=native just to jump back to Arch after a short time because I didn't really see any substancial benefit (compared to what Garuda & the AUR provides) :eyes: Currently I'm waiting for Arch to release it's announced generic v3 port which will bring those optimisations for its users :slight_smile:


Ok, but i think that would be nice to have chaotic-aur packages separated to the Garuda ones.

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