How i build my own lockScreen?

Could, someone give me some manual, i want to make my own loginScreen.Thanks!



“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

-Carl Sagan

This question is dangerously reminiscent of the "How do I build a forum?" example from the Spotter's Guide: slash7 with Amy Hoy » Blog Archive » Help Vampires: A Spotter’s Guide

Here is an example of another forum where a similar question was posed, but with way more context and relevant detail added: c - Create a custom login screen GUI for linux - Stack Overflow


Thanks for answering it. I see that i can develop in many programming languages, okay. Let me choose Python. Now, how would i do that, how the development process works?

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Thanks! I'll try make better questions. And thanks for the link on Stack Overflow, that's exactly what i need it.

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