How do you install and uninstall a program in pacseek?

I installed pacessek, is it intended as an alternative to octopi or is it intended to replace octopi?
I onc Skype that I had installed yesterday via octopi to see whether it would show up as installed.

I have to get used to the design first, I’ve been using Garuda Linux for over two years now and I’m used to octopi.

Question, how do you install and uninstall a program in pacssek?

Arrow down and hit ENTER on the package you wish to install / remove.


I did, but the only thing I can do is enter for back to pacseek

Install yay or use the fix @BluishHumility offer somewhere in the forum, please.

Hab Probleme mit der Übersetzung, was für ein Update? Ein Update für pacseek?

Wer sagt hier was von einem Update?
Wir haben keine Informationen über deine DE, Rechner, etc.
Installiere einfach yay mit pacman im terminal.

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Mein Fehler das mit dem Update.
Das ist das Ergebnis deines Eng Textes

Installieren Sie es bitte oder nutzen Sie das Fix-Angebot von @BluishHumility irgendwo im Forum.

Könnte ich Englisch wäre ich längs nach Kanada/USA oder Australien ausgewandert bei der Regierung in D-Land.

I’ll look into this further next week.

Bleib beim Thema, bitte, und keine Politik im Forum.
Zieh nach Teneriffa, Nord-Osten, da können alle deutsch :slight_smile:

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Ich mein ja nur :slight_smile:
Haye yay now installed.

Now it works, thank you.

after install yay

i changed my settings a bit can get to it with ctrl+s but if you want gui you can use bauh GitHub - vinifmor/bauh: Graphical user interface for managing your Linux applications. Supports AppImage, Debian and Arch packages (including AUR), Flatpak, Snap and native Web applications but I don’t personally really like it. but will use it to get urls to pkgs I want to know more about.
As for my pacseek settings

I dont use it to update but put it there just in case.

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Changing the design, I figured out how to do it. LOL
But it works that way too.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Skype to test it.
If Octopi is discontinued one day, at least I have an alternative to fall back on.


That is a nice color scheme. If I ask, what scheme is it and what window decoration?

I haven’t selected one Design yet, I just have to find the key combination with which to configure the design.
I have find the Konfig. strg+s
Here is a link pacseek Configure



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Here is my selected design.

Topic is solved.