How do you Install a free VPN in Garuda LInux

Hi guys. I'm new to Garuda, but I was using ubuntu before. And I wonder how can I install a free VPN on Garuda. I,m from Eygpt and I have tried many VPN and did not work like ( protonVPN, shark, etc.).

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I wouldn't recommend a free VPN.

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I use AUR (en) - autovpn-git
It's easy to install and use. I prefer this because it's simplicity.
But if you want to VPN for anonymously thing(like no-log), it's better to search another project.

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You can use nordVpn on arch based systems not free but is free really worth the hassle when you get full speed and security with a paid VPN

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Mullvad is only something to consider because of their prices and speed.


Very true, I can't believe how fast Mullvad is. I get full speed on a server that isn't even in my country


If your using nord there's a really nice gui that's not in the aur

Makes switching servers a breeze

What do you mean by "free" ?

If you mean "no-cost" or "not paid for" then the process is the same as for any VPN service, paid or not.

If you mean "anonymous" or are wanting to bypass local Internet restrictions then this is the wrong forum for that discussion.


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