How do you guys control your computer's RGB in Linux?

How does everybody control their RGB?

With modern PC cases usually equipped with tempered glass panels, there needs to be a way to control the RGB. I know there are ways to do it in Windows (if you dual boot), but what about Linux? If your motherboard does not have some sort of RGB sync tool, how are you guys handling the lights in your PCs?

I recently got new ADATA RGB ram, which looks super clean. But I don't like the default RGB cycle that it comes with and would like to set it to some static colour, or turn it off completely. My ASRock Z370 gaming ITX board can't control the RAM leds, so I'm looking for a way to do it. Plus I'm interested to hear how everybody is handling their systems.

How do you control your RGB?
  • Motherboard controller (sync)
  • Software control in Linux
  • Software control in Windows
  • Other (leave a reply in the comments)

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I found OpenRGB, which seems to be working for my motherboard and RAM LEDs. Does not work for my Razer Viper Ultimate (or its dock), but that may be because I also use Polychromatic (which is a bit janky) with OpenRazer for controlling their RGB.

No more RGB puke for me. Now it's just a clean static purple.