How do I switch the default terminal emulator in Gnome 3

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to change the default terminal emulator in Gnome3 DE?

I installed Garuda Gnome edition and would like to switch the default terminal emulator from gnome-terminal-transparency to alacrity. I looked in the gnome-settings app, but there is no terminal entry in the Default Applications section. There also seems to be nothing like Ubuntu's update-alternatives command in Arch/Garuda as far as I can tell.

What I have tried so far:

  • removed gnome-terminal-transparency, but that does not change the terminal emulator selection, it only breaks the "Open in Terminal" context menu action in Nautilus. The file manager's preferences do not provide terminal selection/configuration either
  • installed the nautilus-terminal package, hoping that it would provide the configuration option, but alas... all the same
  • looked for a gnome shell terminal extension. While there are quite a few, they all only provide an additional menu entry to something, which opens a terminal, but does not let you choose which terminal application to use for that. At least I couldn't find an extension which did that

I appreciate any help/hint as to how to accomplish this. Thanks!

Here, type this:

sudo update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator

Into the terminal and select the options.


Have you tried this in Garuda successfully?
Please post terminal output from this command.


This is not an archlinux command/utility

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That was what I had in mind, but after a quick research, it seems what you ask is one of the Gnome impossibles.