How do I switch from Wayland to X11?

How Do I switch from Wayland to X11? My system keeps crashing after update. I suspect the cause of this to be Wayland.

I can switch to X11 at the log in screen at the bottom left corner.

ya at the login screen. I had weird issues on Wayland with NVidia so went right back to X11 pretty quick

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I want to note: Wayland on Fedora is working perfectly fine for me so far. (and X11 is extremely laggy and non-usable, so reverting to it won’t be an option)

When I tried in Garuda, I got stuck at MPV running upscaling shaders that caused an error. Now that’s running fine. Not sure what’s the difference between Garuda or Fedora here.

Time will tell if I run into issues later.

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