How do I setup wifi on Linux Garuda?

Where exactly do I go to setup the wifi on Garuda Linux? In the setup assistant it just goes in an infinite loop "Waiting for an internet connection". It never prompted me to choose a network name/password. Sorry If this is a stupid question but I just can't seem to find where to setup the wifi :sweat_smile:

" Garuda LXQT-Kwin " edition
(It's running on a laptop with RTL882CE 802.11ac PCIe wireless network adapter)

One other thing is I didn't include the garuda inix command because I cannot connect to wifi and it said no screen shots/pictures so idk how I'm supposed to provide it unless I copy by hand.

The NM tray tool in LXQt has some issues last I checked (Edit WiFi Password - #8 by BluishHumility).

Try adding your network in nmtui. Run from the terminal:


Add the network from there and see if you have better luck getting connected.


Thank you so much! I saw the network icons in the other versions and assumed this version had the same.

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