How do I reset the kernel parameters

I was trying to install the linux-clear kernel and as stated in AUR(AUR (en) - linux-clear) I changed the kernel parameters to:

quiet console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8 cryptomgr.notests initcall_debug intel_iommu=igfx_off kvm-intel.nested=1 no_timer_check noreplace-smp page_alloc.shuffle=1 rcupdate.rcu_expedited=1 rootfstype=ext4,btrfs,xfs,f2fs tsc=reliable rw 

But now I am coming back to zen,
How can I revert it to default, which was having cgroups, uuid and stuff?
Or should I leave it like that, with these parameters I get some input/output errors on boot that's why I want to revert back

There is a Garuda boot options tool in the Garuda assistant with a relevant field, or open a terminal, and type the following:

  1. sudo micro /etc/default/grub
  2. Change the kernel parameters in line: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT
  3. ctrl+x to exit and “Y” to save.
  4. sudo update-grub
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I know how to change it

but I wanted to ask that to what I should change, that is the default which with garuda comes.

For me (standard Dr460nized edition) this is:
quiet splash rd.udev.log_priority=3 vt.global_cursor_default=0 systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=1 loglevel=3


Yes, this is the thing I wanted exactly.

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