How do i migrate my files for garuda from a ssd to a m.2?

hey, i'm thinking about buying a m.2 for my desktop pc, which currently runs on a normal ssd, and since i'm lazy i do not want to reinstall all my crap on the m.2, could i simply copy all the files of the ssd to a m.2 without potentially breaking something? i know the m.2 will probably show as /dev/nvme0n1px or something instead of the normal /dev/sdx... is there anything i could do without having to reinstall my crap? i'd be willing to install garuda on it but as stated not my programs etc.
edit: also i forgot, the ssd is not yet encrypted, the m.2 will be

If your new disk is at least as large as your old one, you can use CloneZilla, dd or another disk copy program to migrate your OS.

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so you think copying the ssd (240ish gb) to the m.2 (at least 256ish gb, probably more) will not break anything? what do i do with the fstab etc?

You have to manually modify a few things if you plan on booting that M.2. fstab is one of them. Also your GRUB files should use your new Disk Identifier (probably UUID if you're using default) to make sure both disk don't have the same ID.

If you use UEFI, you have to set the new M.2 in your UEFI boot menu so it is recognized and can boot from it.

I do that type of migration multiple times a week on multiple disks, but I use btrfs-send command and a some script I built so I have full control. Everyone's got their ways but it's doable.


You may need to readd Garuda GRUB to UEFI menu and regenerate UUIDs for your old disk's partitions.

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