How do I install WhatsApp on Garuda?

I just installed Garuda. I’m setting it all up.
I tried searching for WhatsApp on Octopi. I didn’t like the app. It didn’t look good or even work right.
I was wondering if there are any other versions I can install and use.

Always follow the template please. Always provide the garuda-inxi even when just asking questions. I have moved your question to 4xx Client Error for that reason. Please add it when you see this message.

Whatsapp has no desktop app for linux. Either use a 3rd party electron webapp that is basically the same as installing a new web browser. Or,

If you absolutely have to use the desktop app you can look at options like playonlinux or wine and run it’s windows executable here. I haven’t tried it with playonlinux yet but under wine whatsapp doesn’t have a very good rating and it’s installer complains about being launched as admin. There are workarounds to this ofcourse, one’s that I haven’t bothered to try since whatsapp isn’t worth the trouble to me.


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