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Hi have created this new topic for people in need of support/advice/assistance in using Garuda and for those leet who wish to spare some time in helping the noobs out.

I am new to linux in general and recently installed Garuda, the very little linux I know has not been helpfull for me getting along with Garuda despite the fact I absolutly love the look and feel of Garuda.

I seem to be hitting brick walls all over the place with just the simplist of tasks.

Now I have Garuda installed on my laptop I wish to perservere rather than revert back to Ubuntu which I am more familiar with.

The problems I am facing is I have no knowledge of pacman and on ubuntu I used snap, where I could simply search an app and install following instruction.

So I am new to linux.
new to pacman.
new to fish.
new to Garuda.
and found little to none usefull help on searches for my issues.

I did try installing snapd on my system but after install encountered problems, after reading up on snapd Ive decided I dont want it anyway due to its spyware related issues.

but I am now stuck on removing the unsuccessfull installation.

If there is a similar production to snapd withut the spyware that I can run on Garuda please inform me.

when using ubuntu I tried installing an xbox1 controller but to no prevail, aparently I would need an older xbox controller to do so, today I found an old xbox controller when cleaning out a cupboard so I would like to task myself with making this compatible with Garuda (if this is possible).

(p.s apologies for any spelling mistakes I have mild dislexia).

I also cannot install figlet with FISH, all info on figlet install requires apt-get which FISH does not accomadate.

So how do I install FIGLET on Garuda?

sudo pacman -S figlet

And try to learn about your new OS. Garuda does not equal Ubuntu.



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Awsome thank you

Don't give up.

The rewards for learning how Arch works can sometimes take a while, but in the end it's way worth it.

If you aren't comfortable using fish, you can simply type bash in your terminal and your old friend will reappear temporarily.

We often get accused of being unfriendly towards newbies here. I can see how some may think that, but that is not our intention. Anyone who displays a willingness to learn will receive a great reception here. Those predisposed to laziness, an aversion to performing a simple web search, or are critical of our distro will likely not find the red carpet rolled out for them on the Garuda forum.

If you are receptive to learning new things Garuda is for you. If you have an expectation that the forum is here to do your bidding, best to start making a new Ubuntu install disk right now. :smiley:

Welcome to Garuda.

Here's some tips on how to find the information you need using an Arch based distro:


Here's a helpful site:


OK, Ive had my learning hat on the last few days, I must say thankyou to all the usefull links members have posted for me.

I gotta say Im now loving fish, and with the advice from you lot here Ive managed to get my head around alot of it and using lolcat and figlet now successfully installed I have tricked out my bash terminal.

However I have still not figured out how to apply these funky effects to fish, can any one help me out with the path to find the terminal script for fish please?

or is it not a similar process to edit the terminial?


nevermind figured it out now, got both bash and fish terminals looking groovey, I cant figure out how to get rid of the line welcome to the fish terminal notice, other than that they now match.

Have a look at this config to find out what to do :slight_smile:


worked a treat thank you :+1:

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