How do I get a taskbar with titles for running application windows?

My "issue" is quite simple, and sorry for being a newbie.

I am using the Dragonized Edition, and I how the devs designed the UI.

However, I prefer the taskbar experience (ungrouped, with titles) like on the image below:

(New members cannot upload images, so I just uploaded it to an image-hosting site)

I know, that defeats the aesthetic of this edition, but I multitask with so many running applications that I (1) don't want them grouped and (2) want clear titles for each running window so I can precisely select what I need to select with just one click.

I can't seem to find the option for it in Latte, and I couldn't find anything in the forums.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @kamotecue, welcome to the community.

Please get in the habit of posting the output of garuda-inxi on issue threads, as requested in the forum template. It is nearly always a useful reference for forum helpers.

Latte dock is not for everyone, no hard feelings. You can remove or uninstall it, and set up a more traditional taskbar fairly simply:


Latte can and does do everything the default Plasma panel does and more so no legitimate reason to remove it. If the OP is having issues setting up Latte like he wants he's going to have the same issue with the default panel. My suggestion is to head over to the KJDE forums and the one Reddit thread for KDE and request help.

If you are going to reconfigure Latte Dock to behave as if it were not installed in the first place, I think a few legitimate reasons to remove it would be:

  • It is not doing anything useful (bloat)
  • It's another potential point of failure
  • It is consuming system resources unnecessarily
  • Latte Dock is prone to bugs and breakages (look how many forum tickets are opened due to Latte Dock issues)

The last point may be especially worthy of consideration, as the project is in a nebulous state since the primary maintainer has stepped away.

The default dock is plenty robust. If more is not needed (or wanted), why try forcing a package to be relevant unnecessarily?


I didn't suggest anything of the kind. In fact the best reason to keep it over using a default Plasma panel is the simple fact it's far more customizable. As for bugs and breakage no more so than Plasma. Mines been and continues to be stable. I stand by that there is no legitimate reason to remove it cause it doesn't have features the default panel does, we all know Latte is capable of everything the default panel can do and more.

Every so often latte dock forgets that it exists, and windows maximize with their title bars behind it (including right now which is why I took a trip to the forums), or Yakuake forgets it exists and shows up with the top behind it, latte dock sometimes removes 'close' buttons from applications for me that have them when they are minimized, there was a bug for several months at the start of this year where the clock would stop getting updates and freeze until a computer restart, sometimes a large corner of my computer becomes blurry until I wave my mouse at latte-dock, etc etc. There's definitely tons of issues I have with it - and I still like it, but normal KDE is probably a lot more stable, and saying there is "no reason" to dislike it is crazy with KDE software as buggy as it is.

These are bugs on your system cause I'm not seeing them and if others were there would be at least one thread out there about it. That said make sure you are running the dev version (latte-dock-git).

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