How do i customize my latte dock(just the dock, the top bar with global menu looks sick) to look more like macos-alike

I just wanna know how do i customize my dock to look more like macos with a blured background and icons more closely packed, widgets on the right side, i like the upper top bar on dragonized edition.

Thanks, I tried replacing with macos latte theme, but it replaces whole thing including the top bar, i just want the bottom dock to look like macos dock.

P.S : Does anyone know how do i install more gestures for my trackpad

Right click on the dock, select "Edit Dock", click the "Advanced" toggle and then go through the settings and set them however you want.

Most of what you are looking for is on the "Appearance" tab. There probably isn't a prebuilt half garuda/half macos setting so you will need to edit it yourself. That being said, it is pretty easy to do.

If you needed to you could use the settings from the macos layout as a reference but it is so easy to change that it seems like that would actually be more work.


Just a hint :slight_smile: