How create blackarch tools menu in garuda dragonize gaming edition?


I need u sopport, i have the garuda dragonized gaming edition, and I added the blackarch tools, and i would like add the blackarch tools in the applications menu.
I tried installing some packages like 'blackarch-config*', blackarch-menus and archlinux-xdg-menu, but none generates the menu.

A lot of blackarch tools are command line tools, so they don't have a GUI icon. What is the tool you want to get into the menu?

hi, ty for answer. I have a lot of blackarch tools. and I expected that with the blackarch-menus package the menu would be generated automatically with the tools that I have, but it was not like that.

I had tried the version of garuda dragonized blackarch (when it was still in the download options). and when downloading the blackarch tools, they were placed in the menu.

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This thread makes it sound like you may have to re-install any packages that were installed prior to blackarch-menus to get them to show up.

I go to try it

I try it, but the elements are incompletes :frowning:

Later I reinstall the blackarch-menus and only 6 elements were generated

Try this:

  • Uninstall all blackarch packages, except blackarch-menus
  • Take a full update with garuda-update
  • Reboot
  • Install blackarch packages

ok, i will do it

it worked perfectly!! :smiley:
thank you very much for the assistance :slight_smile:

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