How comfortable are u with garuda dragonized version?

i have dual booted garuda dragonized linux for a week now and completely forgot windows.
Successfully transitioned from debian to arch !!


I reckon if'n a feller were to troll this sucker down at about 30 feet just after ice-off you'd fill the boat by noon. She's a pretty lil thing, no doubt about it. (Pronounced: No doot aboot it) It's the next best thing to painting an X on the bottom of the boat so you can find the fish again.

But Imma hang onto winders a little bit longer. I'm in business and my bookkeeper accountant and lawyers use it. I'll likely add a separate ssd for it though, so it's well and truly quarantined. It'll be happy there, oblivious of it's true situation, still imagining it rules the world! Pity the sad old thing, standing there next to it's fence, chewing on grass, belching now and then...


Hey that's me. But I'm not dual booting. I was dual booting before using Manjaro and Windows 10. After i found this gem Garuda Linux, i made full transtition into Linux and it's really worth it :+1: