How can I recover deleted grub and how can I back up and restore grub?

Hi I am a newbie linux user.
Yesterday, I installed garuda on my windows 10 based computer on a separate partition but couldn't solve dual boot issue since my family cannot use linux and needs windows 10 boots first. So I booted with windows recovery and run bootrec /fixmbr and grub is gone. How can I restore grub ? Is there a way to back up and restore grub when needed? Thanks.

Live boot and use Garuda-boot-options

Just have a Live boot usb with you.

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To add to what @Naman told you, I always keep a copy of a live USB with the latest distro on it, as an insurance for my ineptitude. You can never be too careful.

Add to this, a bulletproof backup plan and you have a disaster recovery kit at all times.


Thank you. I think I will reinstall the os. I had used only one partition install but I guess I missed few points such as boot and swap partitions.

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To be fair, Calamares did a bang-up job for me OOB! - try it, if you're not happy, it's but a few minutes to try your way. :slightly_smiling_face:


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