How can I learn how to use, not change, "hyprland"

How can I learn how to use hyprland? I’ve been searching online for answers after installing garuda hyprland. I thought while I was changing storage I’d try something different from arch, from kde, learn something. All I’m finding online is people telling new users to study up on the config settings available, I can’t figure how to navigate the machine on a basic level. I’ll try to open a new window in firefox or firedragon with ctrl n, and that wasn’t working earlier, but I guess is now. I like the tiling, but if I wanted a full size one instead of this split pane, as a one time click, what then? Do I just not get to resize windows? Is it a problem that meta + d isn’t opening the previously opening application launcher, or is it something I’m triggering to not work? Why is there a keyboard shortcut to launch hyprland, and why does it seem different, shouldn’t it be hyprland already?
There’s a hyprland wiki that shows me all these things I could install, or change, but nothing that explains the UI

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Hi @jimmy7995 , and welcome to the comunity.
To learn how to use Hyperland, well this apply to most things out there, read the docs:

And also check:

You’ll find what you need .


I think it is not on the last release but we dont know from where you download this ISO, so just press the meta key, its a new feature on next releae.

What I would do, is print (if you can) the config file, then press every key documented therein and figure out what it does. That’s how we used to do things.
Pretty sure it still works.

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Mmm… The same way my father says about how to learn things, well I agree with the fact that for learning anything deep you need to learn it with a physical copy of it.

But I won’t agree here …
just run this command :

micro ~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf 

then what you would see are configs of Hyprland and yes you can change them according to your taste, and “Mod+d” which was used to launch wofi was replaced with only “mod” sometimes ago by the main maintainer of Hyprland (SGS) .

I would say your approach is good, and I always learn new concepts in mathematics, chemistry or physics like thing with that approach

But the thing is that where you should apply that approach matters …
Learn the process not the output !! :slightly_smiling_face:

learning keybindings that we have assigned for something is just like mugging up the answers of a question in chemistry instead of understating what the theory is behind it

So I would recommend to apply your approach on Hyprland wiki :

it would be same as understanding and learning theory of physics/chemistry/mathematics and how to apply it.

Once you have understood Hyprland then you don’t need to need mug up key bindings assigned by us, because mugging up those keybindings would be same as mugging up a specific answer instead of understanding the underlying theory .

Well, these words were bubbling up in mind so I have put them here, feel free to do the way like … :slightly_smiling_face:

And garuda welcome 2 :smiley:

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Do everything you see here. Do not go back to your comfort zone if things keep failing. That’s how things will eventually click