How can I install Ubisoft Connect on Garuda?

I installed Lutris. I was installed Ubisoft Connect with Lutris in Debian. But I could not install in Garuda and Manjaro. How can I fix this?
I am tapping install Ubisoft Connect in Lutris. I see just blank black pop-up window.

Try garuda-gamer

Hi, I could not find Ubisoft Connect in garuda-gamer.

Try this one.
I'm not a gamer, so cannot help further, but it was one of the first hits at a quick search and seems a similar problem.

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I can't change text. py file is opening in Salt reading mode. How can I change?

Try one of those: Ubisoft Connect - Lutris

But there's no guarantee it'll work. I only play Rayman and Settlers via Steam, it installs Ubisoft Connect and works via Proton.

With sudo? Or am I missing something?

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I tried this one too. :frowning:
Not installing.

So absurt but I tried second time and installing. :smiley:

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