How Can I install Surf Shark VPN?

Hello Garuda users.

I am Vansh and I just purchased a surf shark VPN subscription, I am using it in mobile for now but want to use in on my main machine running Garuda Linux.
Can any one help me how to install it !

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Welcome to the forum! Though it's not required for this explicit answer, it's customary to include garuda-inxi

Probably try this one first: AUR (en) - surfshark-gui-bin
garuda-update then paru surfshark-gui-bin. You can update it in the future with garuda-update -a per Garuda Update | Garuda Linux wiki

When your subscription expires, consider choosing an alternative provider.


And budget alternative to it ?

Got this image
can't upload new user

It's best to get help from the provider, especially since you're paying for their service.

Installation done THanks :slight_smile:

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Glad you got it working. It may be easier to see some of that interface if you temporarily change your theme. I'm a big fan of Mullvad, but there are others that respect privacy.

See also

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