How can I install linux on my windows 10 system without boot partition

My windows 10 system boots directly from windows 10 C drive. Usually windows 10 boots from a small boot (500 mb) partition but I moved the partition to C drive using macrium reflect boot repair. There is no the small boot drive that windows 10 uses. I deleted the boot drive since there was partition 3 partition already and linux install showed partition limit error.

When I install linux it wont boot since there is no boot partition anymore. The system directly boots to windows. Grub wont show up.

I tried making a partition and using macrium reflect again but this wont work.


This means you are trying to create more than four primary partitions on an MBR partition table. You have to create an extended partition, then logical partitions within that extended partition (as has been the case since... I dunno... 1983? 1996?).

I don't think those two things are related. GRUB doesn't use the Windows boot partition, unless you set that as /boot within the installer. And if you did, the easiest fix is just to reinstall. Perhaps repartition your disk manually taking into account the MBR layout restrictions?


Weren't there any error messages during installation?
What setup did you use?

For MSDOS/Legacy systems, if using btrfs, the 1st partition of disk must start at the minimum 1-2MBs from disk beginning (unallocated space), for grub installation.

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No error message showed. But when I reboot it directly boots into windows.

I think I better reinstall windows and linux. Something is wrong with my system but I can't solve it.
I tried manjaro install with same result.

Have you tried to change the boot order in the BIOS?

If you think something is wrong with your system, it could be related to your backup software.

Yes, I have tried everythink I could think of. No results. It will be easier to reinstall windows I guess.

If you're interested in Garuda Linux, install this before reinstalling Windows. Then you end up in the Garuda bootloader with all its options including Windows.

Garuda Linux is an eye candy that starts with the bootloader! :grin:

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That's the reason I want to install garuda. But I might install another distro . Garuda, manjaro , reborn , endeavour .

You can install several Linux distributions alongside Windows. The only important thing is that you install Garuda Linux last, because Garuda Linux recognizes everything bootable on your hard drives.


I reinstalled windows 10. The partition required for proper linux installation has been restored. I'll try garuda later.