How can I install Adobe Flash player in Wine in MY.GAMES launcher?

So, as you all know I am fairly new to all of this and I managed to get Wine to work, installed MY.GAMES launcher in order to play League of Angels III (because, honestly, it's an excellent game and I have a guild there). I installed a 'Flash Player' from a random site I found on Google and now I'm stuck. When I start the MY.GAMES launcher it doesn't start up. I updated the system just a few minutes ago and yeah that's about it.

Can somebody please help me out?

I managed to install BCUninstaller on Wine and neutralize the questionable 'Flash' component.
I still need help with finding a viable option for installing a working Flash Player on my machine.

* List item

Adobe Flash Player {B4tman} - not working, yet.

Your help is appreciated.


This is not a viable option, please try harder.


Not viable for Wine.

SGS, I tried but there is no Flash Player for Wine in your wiki.

You'd better ask at Wine's forum for a solution. They specialize on Wine :wink:


This is a Bad Idea™ as Flash Player is a known attack vector for viruses and trojans, and there are plenty of sites that provide an "old version" - containing exploits - for download.

I'd recommend uploading the file to something like VirusTotal to check it.


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