How can I get the "Show Details" option in Garuda Gnome?

Hello Garuda users.

The title tells it all. Manjaro Linux has it, how can I get the option to appear on Garuda?

Screenshot from 2022-06-06 20-47-40

Which details?
CPU, GPU, system???
Nobody here use manjaro.
So, tell us more.


It's enabled when you have GNOME Software (gnome-software) installed.


Hi @SGS. Thank you for your reply.

I sympathise entirely with the predilection Garuda users hold against Manjaro Linux. I am seeking the means to have the option "Show Details" appear when right clicked on an app in the app manager in Gnome Desktop where the user is redirected to pamac upon clicking. I'm only using Manjaro Linux as an example since they have it and was the only distribution I've ever used prior to Garuda. It's helpful when you want to learn of the name of the actual package.

Hello @jonathon. Thank you for your reply.

"Show Details" does indeed appear with gnome-software installed but as you'd imagine, it redirects us to gnome-software. Is there a means, perhaps a package, that will redirect us to pamac?

I am pretty sure this is how Gnome developers have designed it.
Either ask Gnome devs, or Manjaro devs on this question. They are all very helpful with answering these types of questions.
I don't remember anything like that happen in Garuda development, but I could be wrong.


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