How can I enable AUR?

Hello, I recently installed Garuda GNOME and I'd like to use AUR instead of Chaotic AUR how can I enable it?

There is nothing to enable. You just need to use an AUR helper or manually build and install packages from AUR the same way you would on any Arch-based distro.

That being said, it is very difficult to not use chaotic-aur on Garuda. You can't remove it since it holds the distro-specific packages for Garuda.

Since the package names in AUR and chaotic-aur are the same, pacman will automatically install updates from chaotic-aur even if you installed the packages from AUR originally.

If you want to ensure you don't get updates from chaotic-aur for packages that are also in AUR, you would have to perform some serious pacman ninjutsu to stop that from happening.


I'm using pamac-all but I can see only chaotic-aur
It's a bit strange because previously I was on Garuda KDE and I was also using pamac but I had both the AUR and chaotic-aur under Repositories

pamac does have a checkbox to enable AUR support in the settings. There should be an AUR tab.

Oh wait, I rebooted, made a "Refresh Databases" and now I can find all the packages I couldn't find
Sorry for my clumsiness


If there isn't a specific reason like native compile optimizations or something like that there isn't much benefit of using AUR only imo, it just increases the time needed to actually install a package. Most of our packages are in fact built straight from AUR - in some cases there even are packages which are broken in AUR and fixed by us in some cases :slight_smile:


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