How can I change the system theme in the Gnome edition?

as above.

  • I searched the net
  • I checked various apps like Garuda assistant, gnome settings, gnome tweaks

but I want a much lighter theme.

Thanks for the help.

Hi there, welcome to the forum!
I'll not be able to help much, since I'm not a Gnome users (but there are so many here in the forum, just wait).
In the meanwhile, I suggest you get familiar with the Arch wiki, e.g.
and other chapters, of course


Settings -> Appearance -> Style you can choose light or dark system theme.

Under Appearance you can change components of the theme like cursor or icons. Shell is greyed out until you install gnome-shell-extensions and enable User Themes in the Extensions applet. then you have the option to upload any theme you like.

The User Themes extension also has a couple built-in themes you can select from the settings window. They are lighter than the default theme, so check them out before you scour the internet looking for a new theme.


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