How can I back up my /boot/efi directory automatically?

I have now installed installed snapper preview version of Garuda, now I can't install timeshift and it is conflicting with snapper

You really should have one or the other, not both. Snapper is Garuda-Next ATM.


I am not sure I understand how your topic relates to the text of your post.

  • Why do you want to backup /boot/efi in the first place? It can be easily regenerated.
  • Even if you did want that, does timeshift even support backing that up?
  1. Actually, in case if I harm my /boot/efi I can copy/paste my backup.
    It has happened to me twice :sweat_smile:, and then I had to create a USB media, chroot into the installations and reinstall grub in all my Linux distros installed

  2. I didn't know that timeshift didn't support /boot/efi, I mentioned it above, just in case it would help.


If your /boot/efi is broken, you always have to reboot off of something else because a valid ESP is critical for booting.

You can use backintime for a solution here but I am still not sure I see any value in it.


Maybe I will keep my Recovery USBs ready in case, and with ventoy it's much easier!

You are right I think
Now that I have two of such bad experiences (of corrupting EFI directory), and if I look into it now, it seem easier than before to perform chroot.

Thank you

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