How can I add a network monitor applet to KDE?

how to setup network monitor like that on kde dr460nized? it looks neat



I'm using this widget...

  • Right Click and go to "Add Widgets"...
  • Click on "Get New Widgets" then "Download new Plasma Widgets"
  • Find "Netspeed Widget" click Install...
  • Then drag the widget to the top panel and configure it according to your needs...

thank you for your reply, it works..

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I did the same but after downloading the applet when i added the widget, it is not showing the net speed. Its always 0.0 B/s

I am using KDE Dragonised (KDE plasma 5.22.3)

This topic is solved.
Check the settings, WLAN or Ethernet, use the one you needed.

Just tested this applet, works for me. However, you must actually be downloading something for it to display a speed.

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