How about Chaotic-AUR mirror on IPFS?

IPFS is a distributed filesystem that acts like torrent, and using it you can share just about any file. Including Arch repositories. They use this tool to accomplish this. As I'm aware, Chaotic-AUR needs contributing servers and to this day has some troubles with speeds. IPFS mirror can be used to decentralize package distribution using user-provided traffic.


This is very intriguing to me as an end user who is always looking for ways to contribute, but lacks the knowledge and resources to host a mirror.


We tried that before, we managed it for more than a month, including a Cloudflare portal to it; but IPFS wasn't made for sharing directories with so many updates, it struggled to recreate the tree of hashes of the directories. So we dropped it.


wow. It seems that everything I suggest was already made :sweat_smile:


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