Home Button at top of forum page

I keep clicking "Home" at the top of the forum to go back to the Home Page of the forum. I always end up at the home page of garuda (very nice btw). Could there be another link called "Forum" that will send you back to the main forum page.

ie: Home Downloads Forum About US......" it would match your actual home page, and might help flow of traffic.

It could just be me..... I don't know.

Click the eagle at the upper left.


Obviously unsuitable name.
Maybe it could be changed to "Webpage", for example. @Naman ?


Ok, let me see.
I guess we can replace home button link to forum.garudalinux.org.

Thanks for reporting :blush:


Could just remove it? The logo goes back to the "top" of the forum, Downloads goes to the main webpages.

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