Ho installato Garuda KDE Lite

Ho installato Garuda KDE Lite. Usando extra-testing poi sudo pacman -Syu non mi installa KDE Plasma 6 !!! Come devo fare ??? Grazie in anticipo !!!

I installed Garuda KDE Lite. Using extra-testing then sudo pacman -Syu doesn’t install KDE Plasma 6!!! How should I do??? Thanks in advance !!!

Must execute corectly:

  • Add extra-testing repo to /etc/pacman.conf above the extra repo.
  • garuda-update
  • Reboot!

You shouldn’t be using sudo pacman -Syu with garuda, garuda does some extra things when it updates that aren’t run by the standard pacman script. You should be updating garuda with “garuda-update”. I don’t know if it will resolve that particular issue, but it should prevent issues in the future. You do still use pacman to install/remove packages, but not to update them.

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Thank you !!! Installed!!! Works well !!! Then I have to remove it extra-testing???

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No !
don’t remove until the stable release is published.

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