Hiya from uk

so im john, i live in grimsby uk. i own a cafe/take away and im disabled.
i got my daughters a pc in 2001 and i could only just manage to connect the monitor, mouse, keyboard and printer. if we had any problems a mate from work would come sort it..
first go at linux was redhat 9 in 2003 or 2004 i think?
took me about 2 years to figure out and finally get it installed.
why do i want linux?
im fed up of being told i have to use windows. i bought a new pc other year and they asked in i wanted windows 8 or 10, i told them none as i planned on using linux. so they sent it with windows 10



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Bad world.


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Sounds like you're well on your way to becoming one of those weird "computer people" :rofl:


Hello there!

Well, I have pretty much similar experience.
Last year I went to a shop and bought ssd for my pc. The shopkeeper told me that windows 7 is free and windows 8 or 10 would cost extra. I told him that I am gonna install Linux on it. He couldn't understand, apparently he had not heard of Linux.

Anyway, I told him to not mess with ssd, and give it as it is to me, without installing any OS. He readily agreed because his time was saved too. But he promised that I may come anytime and get windows 7 ultimate installed for free. I never visited the shop again.



thanks guys,
i now have a dual boot laptop with mx 21 beta (for testing) with emmaubuntus

a laptop with ubuntu 21.04

and my main is this one
dual boot mx19.4.1 and garuda

so im learning (slowly)


Those that do, don't dual-boot (for long).


That's just up the road! :grin:

You might also be interested in https://lincolnlug.org.uk/


hi yes im on the lug

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