HiDPI login screen

The HiDPI toggle in Garuda Welcome on a KDE installation will be more functional with regards to the login screen when the following is added (presumed that sddm is being used as the display manager):



See [here](https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/SDDM#hidpi) 

As well as this:

X11 section:
ServerArguments=-nolisten tcp -dpi 192

See [here](https://github.com/sddm/sddm/blob/develop/README.md#custom-dpi) 
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Enable hidpi = true

Is enabled in sddm already

As for dpi value setting it will only trouble non hidpi screen

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My login screen was unreadable, so therefor the suggestion

You can make a pull request with the changes that you see fit

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I'm not sure about the git request-pull procedure as I've never done this.
As far as the DPI value settings is concerned, it is the user who will request this setting in the Garuda Welcome App, tab Settings, so this should not be a problem on non HiDPI screen.

Ohh right :slightly_smiling_face:
User will enable hidpi

So yeah its possible to do this.

As for the gitlab i have given you maintainer acceess

So you can just

git clone the garuda welcome repo

Then make the changes


git add .
git commit -m "commit message"
git push

Pushed to git now


I made some changes to hidpi script

Hope these work.

It now asks for the screen dpi as input