Hide options in Konsole

Today I update and now see options in my konsole, I wanna hide the top bar

Edit your config.fish, remove the part with neofetch, paleofetch or fastfetch.


My translation software and I don't understand English with pictures either. :smiley:

If you are talking about the bar at the top. You can right click on it and select the bottom option.

Then when you right click on it again you can hide it.

Also, you should update more often if that's what you meant.


I do it, but I can't hide, just move

The solution is:
Press Ctrl + Shift + ,
Mark show menu bar
Restart Konsole


I see, they moved the ability to hide that bar to the menubar. You need to right click in the open space on the menubar, to hide a different bar. That is utterly non-intuitive.


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