Hibernate Mode not Working


in my pc hibernate option available in power off menu but when i click on hibernate so pc is shutting down but when started pc and boot Garuda linux so it is start a new session and when i checked so look as pc closed last session and close opened tab like browser, office, etc.

so where is problem, is it pc side issue? or is it linux or code side?

please give right solution...

We are missing your garuda-inxi, as requested by the template.


No configuration information has been added to the thread so far, so it is impossible to say.

Post the garuda-inxi output requested in the template.

Post details about how you set up suspend and resume.

  • Is swap configured?
  • Kernel parameters set?
  • /etc/fstab configured?
  • Resume hook in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf?



Discord is one of the applications which just doesnt let me hibernate. Do you use it?