Hi, I'm a noob!


I'm a fairly new Linux user. Started out with deb distros (Kali, Parrot, Ubuntu). Although moved on towards Garuda as I found it visually more appealing and since I'm trying to learn more about Linux I figured an Arch based Distro might be more useful.
I'm interested in Cyber Security and am on a path to educate myself into that direction and obviously pentesting. You'll probably find me lurking around the forum and reading to get a more general understanding of how stuff works and if I feel like I can help, you'll definitely see posts in support.

Why am I here?
To learn as stated above. But mainly, I found a lot of sources to get support really toxic and unwelcoming. I joined here because I had an issue, and felt welcomed as a newbie. People seemed eager to help, were responding quickly and generally put in a lot of effort to help me. And now I'd also like to benefit by learning more and contribute by helping out if I can.

Thank you for reading, and a big shout out to the members that dedicated time and effort into getting me started!


Sometimes I also have good days :slight_smile:

But the others are all nice, unless you annoy them :smiley:



This is definitely a good day :wink:


Wait until I start asking questions that are very basic :sweat_smile:

Welcome! You will find friends here. Kali and/or parrot vm is still very useful even if garuda is your main bare metal OS. I dabbled on the pentesting path to gain some basics to set up my home lab for machine learning. Those skills are invaluable and often an afterthought in other areas of IT.

Basic questions are no matter so long as you've shown you can search the forum and google.


Yeah, I got to be honest. Searching isn't my strong suit. Often just feel like I can't format it properly.

Either way, yeah I hate Parrot. Had 24/7 issues with it, no matter what I did something was bugged. The discord was also quite toxic. Kali all the way though, I'm running that on a VM now on Garuda

I agree! I was much more impressed with Kali as well. Cleaner and more professional looking, better support, and fewer bugs indeed. Most of the professionals i've talked to use kali over anything else too, it has the reputation of an industry standard.

You'll get it eventually! Sometimes you have to know a little bit about where the error may be coming from in order to get a targeted search (for microphone issues for instance, "microphone not working alsa with pipewire intel_hda_[... driver] [microphone or computer model]"). Google is really good with plain language and a few meta keywords.

Chances are the arch wiki has a few steps to try, and if there isn't a discussion here, the arch forum will have someone who's had the same issue. Arch resources are the most complete i've ever seen supporting any software. If i ever move away from garuda, i'll definitely move to another arch based system. :slight_smile:

Good luck!! I hope you like garuda as much as we all do! :smiley:


(omg @filo liked my post with advice on searching :heart_eyes:)


I'm taking notes of all these good intentions to search, eh! Bookmarked! :wink:


Hello and welcome.
That's a pretty nice message of yours and I like your motives. :smiley:
ArchLinux (and Distros which are based on) are for sure good for a deeper dive into Linux. :+1:t3:
The next step might be Gentoo and if you are up to a full blown boot camp style survival endeavor then there is Linux from Scratch (short: LFS) :joy: Especially LFS is for sure just for enthusiasts or masochists (combinations are possible) :sweat_smile:
Anyways hello and welcome o/

Me too ^^


Welcome to the forum.

I also have similar interests and would recommend you to try out the blackarch repos. Can easily be bootstrapped on top of existing Garuda installation and has tools that work really well on Garuda.


The setup assistant even has an option to add them in the gui. A+++++++


Still got to figure out how to get to the blackarch repos LOL. I got experience with Kali & Parrot, but heard BlackArch is super complicated.

Can't comment on the complexity of Blackarch as a distro. I'm just using their repos to get the required tools on Garuda.

The Blackarch website has a guide on how to add their repos to other arch distros, if you're interested. Or as mentioned by justmere, Garuda setup assistant has an option to add these repos.