Hi Garuda linux

this is a very good OS i am proude that this is an indian OS but garuda linux i want you to add
something special that is also make this OS for professnial ethical hacking and pentesting by the
way i am loving it i delete windows for this awesome OS thanks Garuda linux for making this beautiful and awesome OS .

I think you haven't seen the KDE Dr460nized BlackArch edition.


i have download only KDE DR460nized version not blackARCH edition

You may try Kali Linux for Ethical Hacking , Penetration testing & whole.

Maintaining this Distro itself a product of long years work

Myself too would be happy for many different Distros coming from India.

What make Garuda Special is Plasma on KDE pre customized and Tweaked with stunning customisable UI & OS with collection of Individual tricks available at one place. Completing the advantage of btrfs with snapshot ,disk space & efficiency is you know. Rolling release make it new features ready with a huge respository that manjaro linux going to start their version of AUR.

Tuned for Gaming & can be tuned for power saving & performance

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i need for normal hacking and penetration testing but i want they will make this OS that we can do professnial hacking and penetration testing . i think yesterday that i would have to download kali linux but
i am loving it's look that make me not to leave this OS .that's why i write in feedback to make more for professnial hacking and penetration testing .

If you didn't download the Blackarch iso, you can always add the blackarch repo yourself or, use Garuda downloader to download the Dr460nized-Blackarch iso and run it in a vm inside your existing Garuda installation.

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can garuda linux black arch can do professnal
ethical hacking

Yes and no.

Kali is still the industry standard and so any courses, certificates and specific hacking jobs etc. will require you to use it. Can you properly diagnose and pentest applications or networks with Blackarch? Of course. But expect more work in making things work.

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Yeah, provided that you know how to try pentesting.

did you garuda linux ? you love it it look ? beauti? can't leave this linux OS this is literallay awesome that 's why i can't leave this OS

Thanks for reply but my question is can do professnial hacking in it like kali linux . previously i think i need to shift to kali linux but this this OS awsome i tried for 2 days i serouisly loved it and i don't want to leave that's why i ask you this question

Yeah I understood your question. Yes, you can do professional hacking. And you can install 2693 hacking tools on Garuda Linux Blackarch edition


Some of them are preinstalled too.
So, enjoy.


but i used only dragonized version how can i install and i will tried to recharge to ask my mom you don't know i install my self i am 12 years old boy and also know how to install windows . thank you for makeing this awesome OS

thanks now i will delete normal dragonnized version and install new black arch version

Hey buddy, have fun learning the ropes, but be careful to stay within the bounds of your local laws so you don't get into any hot water.

Welcome to Garuda.


i can't understand

It means have fun, but play safely.

Don't break any local laws. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


no i want only to learn professnial hacking just in case hacker attack ous so i will hack him

Perfect, stick to that story. :smiley:


thanks you so much