Hi everyone

I would like to upload some images for the artwork contest. But as a new user I can’t do this, so I guess it’s time to introduce myself here.

I am long time desktop Linux user from Germany, started with Ubuntu, Gentoo and then finally wanted to try out an Arch-based distribution. Read an article somewhere about Garuda and decided to give it a go when building my new PC. This was about a year ago and since then I enjoyed an almost always stable system with all the software available that I need for my day to day work.

The few questions I had I was able to solve mostly by reading this forum, so kudos to all of you.


garuda welcome 2

Great :slight_smile:

Try again please :slight_smile:


Thank you, I was now able to post the images.


Welcome to the Garuda community @mr_maniac_2k. :wave: