Hey! So I'm a newbie and i need some assistance!

It has been few months i'm on this OS(permanently) and I also want to try out other OS(debian or ubuntu based) for experience, i want to create a partition and load a USB stick as bootable to those OS. I did try it once but after clicking the USB from boot option menu, i was redirected to Garuda Startup UI. I tried looking out in forum for the solution but didn't got it! Can you help me in this matter? (Became used to Terminal Basics.)

Welcome :slight_smile:
For me it has been many years since I installed Mint, so I can't help.

You should search the internet how to create a partition.

Why should here in the Garuda Linux (Arch based) forum how to install MX, Ubuntu, M$, Manjaro or whatever?
There are very good "Debian" forums :slight_smile: and probably thousands of YT videos that answer all your questions.

Why you don't post your garuda-inxi :slight_smile: ?


While booted to Garuda, start KDE Partition Manager or GParted to shrink the BTRFS partition used by system. You can do this while the partition is online. Flash the ISO file of your preferred distro to a USB drive. Use the firmware interface to boot from USB. Install the distro to unallocated space.

Also send your garuda-inxi


I guess i send it! Thanks for reply :))

Sorry man, for your trouble, i thought inxi should be uploaded as a post. New to this website and all!! :'((

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You want to create an installation image for a different distro? They will have their own documentation for you to read. Or, use Ventoy.

Try what?


on sda

installation image for diff distro from GarudaOS into a USB stick!!

that might help i guess, thanks man! :wink:

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