Hey I am PapalPenguin from Chicago, IL USA

I am going to brief for now, I have been on and off in the Linux Community since 1998 when I first installed Slackware on my first computer. I was on Big Daddy Linux Live for awhile, tried a ton of distros, found I am a Arch based fan, so my go to was Manjaro until recently I decided I had the itch to go from Windows 10 Pro back to Linux and learned of Garuda Linux, installed it and then found I needed a new wifi card cause the USB adapter didnt have good drivers for it. Thats all fixed I am using the LTS Kernel which improved my WiFi Speeds big time, now seeing over 550 Mbit down, I work from home for a medium local internet provider as a technical support rep, love my job and only have to go into the office once a week, so technically I am Hybrid not Remote :slight_smile: but I will edit this later to get it looking goodf




I use to live in Chicago many years ago, loved it there. Hello, and welcome. :vulcan_salute:


Nobody’s perfect. :rofl:


I have some special Chicago wind for you! :peach: :dash:



I am originally from the Northwest Suburbs, but now live directly in the City! Dont own a car, not needed, $75 a month gives me access via the CTA! We love it here, my wife and I :slight_smile:


I rode my bike all over that city. I knew every back alley and back alley bum. I had a car for awhile, but hardly used it. It is one of the cities, like NY and SF, that public transportation can get you anywhere. Sadly, there aren't many cities in the US like that...we need to buy CARS!! :roll_eyes:

I loved all the neighborhood festivals, the Greeks, the Italians, the German-fest, such good times. :beers:


We are in the Uptown neighborhood, love it here! My job when I have to go in to the office is in the West Loop, but will eventually be moving to the South Loop. I need to get a bike, used to love riding my bike!


Welcome! Also living in Chicago. Uptown quite closed from Lincoln Park! :slight_smile: Neighbour!
I also love riding the Lake Front Trail!

Thanks so much! Yeah Lincoln Park isnt far at all, yeah im hoping to start riding the Lake Front Trail when I get a bike and the weather is nice! I live so very close to the Lake, maybe a 10 min walk to the break wall

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Let's catchup other than in Garuda :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Garuda community.


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sounds good to me

welcome to garuda!