Heroic launcher GTA 5

Did you do it via steam or via Heroic Launcher itself?
Please to tell me? Did you install a package, is it proton-git or proton-ge-custom?
Please do reply whenever you get time.

I used the methods I found above at first, then pacmac and Lutris seemed to finalize it nicely.

That is my machine and system, yours will be different - this is the time for research, reading, thinking (a lot) and planning your process (es) properly and documenting them. I took two months to get Death Stranding to a point where it is (now) better than it ran under Win10. I had loads of setbacks and invested at least 3 hours per session. Some days, when disheartened, I left it. Updates during this time, also helped.

How did the devs get to be devs? I'm thinking by a lot of hard work, research and so on. Painful? I'm sure it was and probably still may be, I don't know, but I do know (in my 58 years) the best lessons are learned the hard way.


Thank you sir. Your advice can be helpful in one's every life as well. I very much value your advice.
But I had been doing it for the whole day and was quite restless, cause I wasn't finding the answer.

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Yes. I installed proton through steam. ProtonDB says that GTA V works with proton 6.3. It isn't that hard. You just have to install proton via steam or the package manager. Then go to heroic -> click on GTA 5 -> go to settings -> There you should see a dropdown for wine. Just select your recently installed proton there and enjoy GTA 5.

In case you have problems with proton 6.3 you can try with other proton versions. You should check this site = https://www.protondb.com/app/271590


I tried using proton-ge-custom-bin, but the game won't launch,
Whereas it launched with Lutris-wine and wine-staging

I will try that

Yeah, GTA now works out-of-the-box now

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I thank everybody in the post who have supported me to solve this issue


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