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Hi, can anyone point me to any documentation at all on i3 garuda edition? I installed i3 garuda edition and thought it would be similar to use with normal i3wm shortcuts but i was wrong. for example, super + "L" locks the screen and I have no clue on how to unlock it. I need help as I am relatively new to linux and I cannot find any documentation online on i3 garuda.

There is no Garuda i3wm manual, the most important shortcuts are on the screen, the rest in the config of i3.
In my opinion, there are no standards for i3.
Everyone can create these themselves as they like.

Just type your password / enter. ( Your super + L doesn't work here)


Lock screen

bindsym $super+l exec i3lock -i /path/to/wallpaper.png

ok, I remove i3lock :smiley:


Thank you! knowing that there is a config file really helped me!

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