Help to overtake maintainership of a package -git

Hi there :slight_smile:

The glorious git strikes again :smiley:

I took over the maintainership of a package, and I am only used to the process of actually committing a new package.

In case my issue is obvious, please be patient. Honestly, this looks just like the typical confusion, that comes inherent with git, and I hope you can enlighten me:

Here are the git output and the garuda-inxi, good boy as I am. :smiley:

I think this line is probably shows the problem:

* [new branch]      master     -> aur/master

I guess that should be an equal value on both sides?

The merge did do not anything, and the rebase literally added the PKGBUILD of an Islamic prayer app on top of my PKGBUILD.

Its late, and I am too old for this. :smiley:

The problem is you followed the steps for creating a new AUR package. When you take over an existing AUR package, you don’t do any of those things since there is already an existing repo.

To fix this:

  • Remove the existing local directory
  • Clone the repo locally using the ssh url
  • Make the changes and commit them
  • Push the repo

Taking over a package is much simpler than creating a new one.


Halleluja :smiley:


Congratulations on your maintainership. Should be fun; a new dynamic language. :smiley:

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It’s actually dynamic and statically typed. They advertise it mainly as a dynamic language, but you can utilize many statically typed features. I recommend this talk about it:

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